Understanding the Tomcat NIO Connector and how to configure it

In HTTP 1.1, all connections between the browser and the server are considered persistent unless declared otherwise. This leads to wastage of resources (server threads). Learn how you can configure Tomcat to support a much higher number of concurrent connections using the NIO connector.

Using websockets in Java using Spring 4

WebSocket is protocol that provides full-duplex communication, typically between a browser (or another client) and a webserver. This makes it suitable for highly interactive web applications such as chat, games, dashboards etc. In this post we will learn how to write a websocket server in java using spring 4 and a client in javascript.

Evaluating expressions using Spring Expression Language (SpEL)

The Spring Expression Language (SpEL for short) is a powerful expression language that supports querying and manipulating an object graph at runtime as well as evaluating logical and mathematical expressions and many other features. In this post we will be using SpEL for a number of use cases to explore the capabilities of this library.